Tuesday, September 13, 2011

WHA WHA WHAAAAA the first BAD mail bag

I am very careful to watch what I say or write when it comes to reviewing or feedback. I, also an online merchant with 2 stores know this can make or break you.....I have had not so great experiences but this I had to post.

I got a heartsy voucher from bodyluxe  I waited over a month to use it as I find sometimes that's better with the bath and body stuff..After all the rave reviews and the bragging about being in the emmy swag bag I though how could I lose. This is EASILY the most obvious case of sellers riding previous accolades EVER!

I ordered 2 healing organic balms, 1 perfume sample and a room spray....

The room spray is glorious I will admit, and I was sent a small sample of bath salts also but alas these items were purchased as a gift for a friends based on the packaging I thought it was a beautiful gift to give. 

Needless to say the only thing good were said salts and spray .

the 2 balms came in ugly little white tubs (standard nothing special)  not the clear jar with beautiful labels shown in pictures that include the ingredients....one had a simple label with the name, the other no label at all. I had to go thru all my purchases to find out....than the perfume sample isn't labeled either....the kicker is I was charged 8$ shipping and the actual cost was 3.28$. I don't know about other sellers but if I charge you 8$ for shipping and it's 3.28 I refund you 4$....I understand this is heartsy deal and it's kinda hard to do but a credit would have been nice!   it;s not even about the 4$ it's the point that I work as hard for my money as anyone else....

I ordered

I got

I will say when I spoke to the seller before the purchase she seemed to be great to deal with...had I known about the balms I would have ordered something else as these were gifts. To not even have the ingredients listed or a card included with it is not a good idea. I often don't have ingredients listed on my label but I always jot them down on a note card or paper and include it as people do have allergies. name labels are nice to simply so I can know what it is I ordered without having to go all thru my list of purchases.

I will say it all smells good, but please if your going to charge PREMIUM prices please do a PREMIUM job!

i'm sorry if this all seems harsh, I guess i'm growing tired of some sellers coasting thru while doing the minimal amount of effort needed while me and many sellers I know busting our butts to make sales with far better presentation, and effort put forth!

It feels bad to write something not nice about a company who likely did'nt see the problem in the first place....but it also feels pretty crappy to be on the receiving end of something I ordered that turned out to be not what I thought!

Share your thoughts!


  1. I completely agree. I have been hugely disappointed before, it seemed the shop took time to make a wonderful 'stock photo' and what I was given was far from it. Also with the shipping costs- After being over charged with one shop I chose to just not return even though I did like their items.

  2. KissAFrog did that to my mom. She even asked them to resend the item shown in the picture but they resent the same thing, brown paper wrapped soap, leaking salt scrub and no gift packaging as advertised. False advertising if you ask me.