Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A great blogging friend shares all fun size beauty: EMPTIES #4

fun size beauty: EMPTIES #4: *WARNING* - There's a lot. I'll try and be brief with evaluations. I'm being uprooted from my current apartment to live somew...

Friday, August 2, 2013

It's a Trap-eze - china glaze

I forget where I first saw this but the first time I tried to buy it it was sold out. Finally I snagged some!

it;s a barely lavender/lilac base with tons of glitter of all shapes and  many colors...I used 3 coats with seche vite in between the coats. I find it works better with thick, heavy and gritty polishes like this. I read one review that said it was hard to apply....I didn't find this at all. i found the glitter distributed very nicely. One thing i really like is the almost pearly glow of this polish!

                                                            This was taken in the sun

                                                             This one taken indoors

Sometimes i'm not sure if I like this polish  but there is something about it I really like! I'm not normally a fan of china glaze but I REALLY like this polish....enough to try more of their polishes! Good job China Glaze. This was a fun one to enjoy!