Monday, October 11, 2010

Online Shopping - Sponsored Post

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Sitting in the sun with the boy looking back on the last few weeks. it's been insane! I love it we are productive and busy. The boy has started school so I have been able to try new ideas with different kinds of beads and findings, clay and wire wrapping. I took a resin course and wire wrapping course. Our sales and following keep growing daily. We have also launched our charity ADHD Item and will soon do the same with our Autisim line. Our housewares line launches in only a few weeks and we are so excited. The people we have met on our journey is another reason we love it. Burlesque girls, Magicians, Mind readers, and even the average joe, Mom's who love our adhd items, and even a real wolfman. EVERYONE has done nothing but show love, support and some are as excited as we are to see what happens. We will be keeping you informed.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I suck!

i know the point of having a blog is to write, but however i am lacking bigtime in the time department. i will post a nice long post tonight as well