Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's here, IT's FINALLY HERE

Drum roll please

We have perfected our new scent, and our holiday pick for our candles and our NEW TO COME body butters

Welcome Winter Warmth - A custom blend of fragrances and oils produced  hints of milky amber, creamy vanilla, cinnamon a spicy of berries and caramelized toffee

You must smell this. This scent is custom so you can't find this scent ANYWHERE else.  Also we have added to our soy candles and melts, including some about to sell out that won't come back until summer....and bridal soy melt packages with our hibiscus melts. We will also be adding our new scent for the weekend and have remade our UNDYED nag champra candles...truth be know we can make any candle any color or no color at all...just ask us.

About our's more fun with more people! SO invite your friends and when we reach 100 I will have an awesome giveaway....PLUS tell your friends to POST WHO SENT THEM and the one with the most referalls will win a votive 4 pack!   hurry.......I'd love to do this giveaway by halloween! 

I am really wishing some mail would show up.......



  1. ...WOW! I can't wait to smell your new "Winter Warmth" scented candle........

  2. Oh! I shared this link in the Crafty Housewives Etsy team! :D