Monday, August 29, 2011

Psssssst users

ok so I keep getting hits from  I cannot figure it out. I even got an account to try to find out....

I beg of you,,,,if you know where you found me on gothise...could you please let me know.....good bad or otherwise.... it's driving me crazy!!!

seems like a neat place so far..... I'd judt love to know where all these hits are coming from

Thanking you all in advance.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I just finished a new treasury that you can find here

Also we have just started using pintrest.....we have added an add us button on the top left of our front page should you care to follow us.

I am a long time collector of vintage fire king, pyrex and other backing stuff. My mom just bought me a HUGE pile of turquoise pyrex so I have to start cleaning out my stash. I have started uploading som pieces like
I adore these pieces but need more room


We will soon be having our first giveaway also so stay tuned!   More mail bag coming soon

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Proven Vacation

it's been so lovely but odd to be taking so much time off. I keep remembering how this very day will never repeat itself. My son "the boy"   is almost 5....and God willing he'll make it!  It's so weird, bizzare and incrediably rewarding at this age. The stuff he says blows me away. He reads me stories, combs my hair and does'nt care how mushy he is with me in public. I miss the smaller boy that fell asleep on my chest....but I love the one that says "were necking" when daddy asks him about our kissy wrestling fights.... so here's my boy at 4 yrs old....


Friday, August 26, 2011

MAIL BAG - and EARLY haha I suprise myself sometimes!

Yep.....the CNE is in town....that means the end of the summer. It's 11 days until back to school..I lucked out and had a boy who hit that grows really slow stage this year so he needed nothing for school.....however that does'nt mean I did''nt but him stuff anyways!

I got some labels like these....  Honestly I do like the product but it took awhile to get proofs, and than tok longer to arrive. But the labels are fun, vibrant and very sticky. These were purchased  at The Lollipop Label Shop
 I would give this shot a second try though for sure as the fints, combo packs, and pictures are so cute.

This is not my sons name either but it's the site's photo.

I bought my furry son a nice gift!!! He's our 74 lb goldendoodle co-jack (long story)

We ran across The Fyber Stud thru Heartsy. A man crochet artist that is funny, patient, actually cares about what he sells, has amazing attention to detail and a shop worth spending a bit more for a great item. I read theu and just fell in love with this thinner crochet mat.

I'm really hopefull that the dog will hate it and it becomes mine...Thanks Rohn we will be back to shop with you  Click here for  TheFyberStud

more coming soon.....

Also we will soon be doing our first giveaway soon! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Take me awAy

I'm writing this while sitting on the greyhound bus en route
To meet my husband. I am on
My iPhone oh things look kinda sketchy

Since I don't have my computer I can't post all the mailbag stuff this week
I will updTe you over the weekend because it's long.
Not a whole lot new in the store. I have added two
New retro vintage listings. I have amassed a rather impressive
Collection of cooking and bakeware and just scored a great new bundle
From my mom, so I will slowly be Adding it in.
I also managed to get a new camera so some listing will be getting redone

I hope that you're all enjoying this time of yeAr. It's alwAys so busy but I assure yso a
Full and proper updAte this weekend

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Zombies and sickness

well I still have more to add to the mail bag however I am sick...and summer colds are the until I am back at ful speed....enjoy this ZOMBIE TREASURY by sarah at pushinpaper (yep our sarah has her own shop now)   it's awesome scary and fun...


it's her first treasury ever and I think it's amazing!

we'll get back at that mailbag soon I promise!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I know it's been awhile. But i'll make it worth it

So summer is winding I the only mom counting th  days until the school bell rings? It seems my mom is right. She told me that this time of year the parents get as sick of the kids somedays as do the kids of the parents.

so lots to go on today!!!

Sarah, the great girl that helps me when my shops get busy has opened her own store. I have never met someone so obsessed with paper in my life. Tissue paper, cardstock, wrapping paper  ANYTHING is her shop. It's adorable and her work is amazing!


So I am starting to put things away for birthdays and christmas (7 birthdays from sept-jan plus christmas)

Jodiscraftemporium is truly one of my best shopping times ever. Anytime I ever shop here it's simple, and everything from transaction to product is perfect! I purchased this set for my mom
4 simple crocheted clothes for her kitchen. She has a romantic dreamy kitchen, and I know these will go beautifully. My mom is stating the value of shopping handmade. I have vowed to have a totally 100% handmade only holidays!   check out jodi's shop. you'll find so much stuff. And she's been known to do some custom work too.  I had a carpet made and thru various washes and being in the kitchen it still looks brand new. It honestly delights me everytime I see it. Click here for jodi's shop

Tulips treasures is a canadian seller. I found tulip thru bnr's and also heartsy. I found her shop FULL of great stuff. A mix of accessories, skin care and more I was delighted to find this Shea Lavender butter.
It is so simple in it's make up but glorious in it's smooth creamy perfection. It literally melts into your skin but the scent lingers forever it's amazing. I've been using it as after care for my new tattoos also and it's PERFECT! I aalso picked up some great hair clips and a cute pewter nest ring at this store too. How great to have such a mix of stuff in one place. Click here for tulips treasure

Piixwixcandleco is a shop I ran into thru BNR's on Etsy. I am a sucker for solid when I found out I could buy 3 and get one free I was ready!!!! I picked wild cherry vanilla, lavender lemon, and nag champra  patchoulli. As my free one she did a custom nag champra. they arrived fast....really fast. In adorable metal slide tins they are the perfect size. They are highly fragrant but when applied they are not over powering at all.
This one was my's not a smell I would normally reminds me of cherry lifesavers  mmmmmm.  Find this great store here by clicking here

I will be adding more to this list this evening....but.... I have the whole house to son, hubby or i'm off to draw a long bath and make some food nobody else in the house likes|!