Monday, September 19, 2011

FIRST GIVEAWAY !! Yes there will be more FREE STUFF

Well we have officially been open a year! and what an amazing year it's been!  THIS giveaway is for a sample size of Eaxh of our 3 scents of body care

1-sample of nag champra/honey lotion
1-sample of winter warmth  body butter
1-sample of sensual relaxation body butter
1-sample of our soy votive candles my choice of scents
1 sample of out not even released room/body/linen spray in my choice of scents.

This giveaway is worth over 25$ with free shipping included!

So what do you need to do?? not much

you get 1 chance for posting a comment below telling me your fave thing in our store. you can pick anything at all that you like it has nothing to do with the prize. Post your fave thing below.

Get another chance for liking our shop on the lower left hand corner of our etsy page.

Get another chance for posting about us on facebook or twitter.

Get another chance for each person you reffer to this blog who signs up as a follower. they must post in this post that YOU refered them

so if you post to facebook, like our page and refer 2 people you get 4 chances

if you post below, send 5 new followers, post to twitter and like our page you get 8 chances

if you post below only you get one chance


We will announce the winner THURSDAY afternoon September 23rd GOOD LUCK   and remember the more followers the more fun!

There will be a bonus gift for the  person with the most referals

The one with the most points wils


  1. i think my fav thing from your store is the Luxurious Body Lotion (:

    i also liked your facebook page (:

  2. sorry for not giving enough notice!!! coconut you see how that all worked out nicely. send all your details to my etsy convo page.

  3. i didnt get a chance too send them too my followers, im gutted aha :/
    i was having a convo with you on etsy the other day but they have just closed my account down with no email telling me why? so i have emailed them and im waiting for a reply.
    i was wondering if there was a email address i could send my details too incase this doesnt get fixed quickly :/.

  4. i just noticed that my things are completely different since i changed them aha? i thought the other one might change back. since the name 'coconut' didnt really make sense too anybody XD.

  5. beckie please reach me on etsy...i have your prize ready to go! lol
    <3 meandtheboy