Sunday, March 31, 2013

I did not want to leave the Delta Chelsea Hotel Toronto

Seriously when I saw the amount of kids in the lobby, and heard they had 1590 rooms I was a bit worried.....

I have a seriously injured foot so I was not sure how much stomping thru the city i'd be doing.....but honestly this plain old school hotel made it just so nice to stay in!

If you've never slept in a delta sanctuary bed YOU MUST!!!! it's the nicest coziest bed EVER... 4 pillows...ahhhhhhhhh it was so nice to sit and spend an after noon with a fine wine and my netflix!

Other than the odd door close and the maids cart go squeaking up the hallway  I HEARD NOTHING,,,,,I saw NOTHING!!! and even though almost every room has a balcony I did'nt even hear the doors all night.

I really didn't do much the first day.....but the second night I decided (after a painful new tattoo) to order room service... I ordered

cajun chicken breast sammy
Caesar salad
all day breakfast
and coffee

(i hadn't eaten all day lol)

IT was wonderful, delivered fast, with tons of condiments, neatly presented and the gentleman that brought it explained the cheque to me, went over my meal, and asked if I needed was lovely...only the little white rose it a bud vase was the cute cherry on top....the only thing I hate   AND it's a personal pet peeve.... if you want to charge 9$ for a salad fine BUT STOP USING KRAFT PARMISEAN IN THE CONTAINER.....Buy a wedge and use the peeler's honestly worth it and doesn't cost much more!

The bathroom was beautiful, bright but it could have used a new tub (old school small not so small)

I think I had an older non updated room. There was some wear and tear but i'll take it....I have NEVER felt so quiet and relaxed... I found it easy to just BE...just sit and be content not going out.

I got the room for 119$ thru livingsocial but would GLADLY pay the 150-170 a night.....SO WORTH IT!  and I was just steps from yonge street.

My check in and out were bs...

I would STRONGLY suggest staying here if you are ok with a non suite, traditional's not fancy but you can't always fake quiet, peaceful and that feeling of being appreciated for your business!

*for the record any review I do weather it's hotels or stuff is paid for OUT OF MY OWN POCKET.
spo I have no reason to sugar coat things!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fuddie Duddies Sewing Pattern Review

I needed a bow tie for my lil since my sewing is coming along nicely I decided to MAKE ONE. I looked on etsy and came across a shop called fuddie duddies and they had an awesome pattern deal

the pattern deal I got was 2 for 8 dollars but the tie pattern came with a free bow tie pattern so I got that and a pants pattern..... her deal now is as follows

the directions were slightly complicated but I think that's because sewing is quite new to me....and doesn't reflect the pattern. The out come was GREAT and I am THRILLED

I simply opted to add the elastic option instead of the neck strap....easy on and off!

I will say if you have any problems she will really make the effort to help....even if you explain things oddly she seemed to know exactly what I was talking about. I would FOR SURE without a doubt buy patterns here again

for a better look at more bow ties I made from her pattern I have them listed in a new shop on etsy 

Fussie duddies can be found at Fuddie Duddies

her lounge pants tutorial is AMAZING!!!! I plan to review this and post pics of my sons pants soon!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

A second stay at Toronto don valley hotel.... wish I could say it was good.

ok so it didn't totally suck......but boy what a change from the first trip....and sadly so. Check in was easy...we upgraded to a newly renovated room for our 2 nights (extra 30$ a night)  The renovated rooms only means you get a kurig coffee maker, a different colour theme, new carpet and shower.....not a big deal. Oddly our door did'nt even really close unless you really pushed on it....

Our room had a balcony which I thought would be nice as I was with my son....however the view into the condo's next door and the parking lot left ALOT to be desired.....why you would put a kid in a balcony room with no view is beyond me.....I felt like it was perhaps the only room they had available at the time. If I could say one good thing about the view it would be there were rabbits in the garden....but that's about it.

We spent our first day relaxing and not doing much....we went swimming...but this time it was dofferent....there was tons of rust seeping down from the skylight. I understand it's winter and there's condensation but there was ALOT. It wasclear this had been occuring for some time. The pool was kinda nobody ever cleaned the tiles around the inner edge and all the scum had affixed to the tile...certainley not like it was on our first visit...and it wasn't even as busy as our first visit.

Dinner was excellent again!

The evening was  a never ending lullaby of the screen door above our room opening and closing all night and people spitting off the balcony......gross

As with most hotels there was a hanger for room service breakfast so  I filled it out and left it on our door and went to bed...IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when breakfast didn't show up......well you see...nobody bothered to collect the card off our door...then I was blamed by the bitchy woman for not putting it out in time when I had put it outside at says to place it there before 2 am... So needless to say I had to give my order to this total bitch in room service who told me to just give her the order as she was very busy. I ordered eggs benedict which was great...and for the boy, croissant french toast....which never arrived...what came instead was 3 tiny croissants that my son would;nt eat. I called downstairs and explained to a very nice man what happened and it all got fixed and my son's food arrived in about 10-15 mins...and he did enjoy it.

We spent the day at the science center.....while leaving our room it smelled grossly of cigarettes. My son has asthma and I am allergic to smoke so this is a reason I only stay in non smoking hotels....I mentioned it to the woman at front desk and her reply was "that's odd they have a balcony, I'll have someone go spray it"  yeah cause that solves the problem.....

it all just kept going wrong.... We did have an awesome fellow at front desk that saved me when the vending machine would not give my son his chocolate bar....he brought us 2 and our twonnie we lost..... sadly this was a highlight of our stay.

Upon returning from the science center exhausted I got to walk with my son down the endless hallway thru the cigarette smoke filled hallway that now also smelled like pot.....when I arrived in our room I called down to front desk....nobody did anything to help...again she informed me she would spray the hall....which most adults know does nothing as far as second hand smoke goes.... my husband was so pissed he told me to phone the cops about the pot....but since I was spending the nights alone with my son I didn't want to start an issue.  But at this point I was getting pissed. The fellow who handles their twitter account who had actually addressed the issues we had sent up some fruit and candy for me and my son.....which was nice but I would have been happier not popping benadryl into me and my son because of smoke allergies (it wasn't slightly was the entire length of the hall and especially in front of a select few rooms)

dinner again was great!!!! it always is

After more swimming and my son falling asleep, my husband passed by for a bite to eat on his way to work. I ordered him the burger and cheesecake.... It arrived...wrong. the Burger was fine but the cheese cake was apple pie...the man who brought our food let me know that it was wrong and he would be back with the cheese cake. I wish he'd left the pie....cuz the cake tasted like the cardboard it was packaged was sooooooo bad.....but at this point having 2 of 2 failed room service deliveries I just wanted to go to bed and go home the next day!

Between the smoke, and the staff not doing anything but spraying the hall (which if they did you sure couldn't tell) the 2 out of 2 room service fails, the pool, and the view it was a really really sad stay compared to our first stay. You see, I like to find a place and stay there....almost exclusively. I'm fiercely loyal and spread the word of good places. I told everyone I adored this place....but after our recent stay....well I'll keep looking for a place that will at least honor their non smoking hotel policy......

I'm almost a little sad.....if they could get staff that valued their jobs or customers they would do very well. There were 2 people in the restaurant that were great, one guy at front desk and the fellow I'd talked to on twitter several times....but dealing with the bitchy woman for room service and the twit that did nothing but order others to spray the hallway when it was REALLY REALLY CLEAR where the pot and cigarette smoke was coming from but still did nothing.....  Well if you don't give a shit....than why should I.

When I blog I also post reviews too yelp, twitter, facebook and a handful of others..... I also provide good word of mouth randomly as I think of it.....I always pay my way and am never given rooms free for reviews.....which is why I can be so honest..... I don't even know if I would stay here again.....unless I got the room on sale or thru a group plan (which luckily i did)  Even the fellow I was talking to on twitter seemed to all of a sudden stopped our conversations when I mentioned how disgusting it is to stay in a hotel that doesn't even uphold their non smoking policy....but at this point....I'm not at all surprised.

I read a review on yelp about this hotel that said "even if you put lipstick on a pig it's still a pig" I'm wondering if the first trip I had was just a REALLY REALLY REALLY done up pig.......

Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Niagara Falls, ON A good old Favourite

I have likely spent about 25-30 nights in this hotel over the last 3 years with my husband and son. It's Ever so slightly off the beaten path. But about 3 minutes from casino Niagara, Clifton hills and everything our family enjoys!

Included ever morning is a great buffet breakfast...everything is VERY fresh and trays are provided to take it up to your room.

The hotel is clean and quiet....and the front desk staff are great and rarely change so it's nice to see the same faces, and they have a jar of help yourself cookies that helps a ton when checking in with kids!

This is an ACTUAL smoke free hotel and I've never stayed and smelled smoke in the halls.

Having stayed over march break the hotel was very full...noise from above was an issue but after a quick call to front desk and the problem was solved.

This hotel's rates are always amazing even in the summer. If you are a gold points member you can also use your points to stay. For this trip we used 10.000 points each of 2 night bringing our nightly rate down to 57$ for a 2 room family suite. We like the suite as the bedroom has 2 queen beds and a door, so once our son is asleep we can draw the door and enjoy watching tv in the living room. Internet access is free and parking is only 8$ a night.

The pool could be warmer....but it's clean and the hot tub is great. It's clean, quiet, predictable and all we need...oh and you get a fridge and microwave in the room!

Considering my stay earlier in the week at a hotel in Toronto .this was heaven!  The only think I wish this hotel had was a restaurant....but they do have a little market downstairs with snacks and all the essentials you usually forget at home.

If you don't need fancy but want a good place to stay I'd stay nowhere else.... in fact we haven't stayed ANYWHERE else in 3 years when we go to Niagara falls... we just think it's perfect!

can't wait too get back....oh and the new bus route passes right in front of the hotel!

Monday, March 11, 2013

CkmCouture - banner design - Highly Recommended

This designer works her butt off to make sure you not only have what you need but a few options to pick from. She designed me a few versions of a main banner and  let me pick the one I thought would work best. Than provided me a few smaller vacation and sale banners.
1 needed minor text edits but it was a great job by someone with a great sense of what they love and how to use it tastefully. I find her designs unique, often dark but still beautiful. I would use this designer again without a doubt if I needed something really original..... Our indie polish banner was made for us in a few days...and we love it

I put these images here for examples  we all know how copyright works so don't steal!!!!! not only is it tacky it's rude

other examples include


her shop is on etsy at CkmCouture
Cassandra will take care of whatever your design needs are !


Saturday, March 2, 2013

BAck from Mexico

we are back from our trip and I honestly have so many reviews and cool stuff to share that I have to wait till lil man is in school to get started...but it will be starting this week I assure....It feels great to be back!