Monday, September 5, 2011

Twas the night before the start of the school year!

Frantically I search for all those things I put away for the new school;s not my fault really... you  see summer just went so fast this year.

Our store surpassed the 250 sale mark.... Thank you to everyone that has shopped with us, passed our name along, or just read this blog...we love you all!

So at the end of a summer I have an almost 5 yr old boy who is reading, writing, and developing into a young man slowly but surely.

I know alot of you are in this great time of the year too so to all the parents CONGRATS!!!! we made it another summer unharmed!

All the best to you all. Hopefully there will be a good mailbag tuesday as today is a holiday. Happy labor day.

Tanya and Val

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