Thursday, September 8, 2011

MAIL CALL Bubbles and bugs!

bubbles and bugs is this sweet shop owner that seems to be able to find any fabric and make the cutest necktie tops. Some have suspenders...mine never do. I first came across her when looking for construction stuff for the boy... I got an amazing brown top with a dump truck tie.....

Well The boy is sooooooo into green eggs and ham....I figured i'd never find a thing. I spent hours searching etsy, ebay and so I dropped bubbles and bugs a line and asked if she could help....within literally minutes she sent me back a sample...IT WAS PERFECT. With bubbles and bugs you can get a tshirt or long sleeve in an insane amount of colors...So I picked BRIGHT ORANGE (i think it looks great with blue jeans)  

Well today it arrived.... I don't have a picture but I will tonight....It's unreal  this is the necktie piece she cut for the top on a white top

There is no doubt in the world I will use this seller again. Infact I am thinking of doing shirts for all the kids in our family, as she has alomost everything kids love! I would reccomend this seller to ANYBODY and she can be found HERE   thanks Jaymee for everything!!!


  1. Can't wait to see the Photo!! =)

  2. hahaha as he sits in your shit jaymee along with scooter and revival vintage's pillows....gosh it's an etsy house

  3. Oh my Goodness!!!! He is to stinkin cute!!! =)