Monday, May 30, 2011

What's in a name.... An amazing artist, and all around cool designer

Grain......what kind of name is grain.... or so I thought...there's no more alchemy on etsy however there are many groups for custom.... I put the word out that I needed a new blog button. Along comes many offers. I zero in on the one Canadian......the store name is  GRAIN   hmmmm

we spoke, agreed and within literally hours I had a beautiful 125x125 blog button for a measly 8$  It was'nt what I had thought of having made but I loved it.... It really hard to describe my store...part jewelry store, part paper crafts, and now part bath products and spa candles.... How do you put all that into a 125x125 button.....

Grain was a well organized easy to navigate etsy store. I quickly found what I needed and was suprised by the ease in this project for Noa. Would I go back?? SURE WOULD   And I would suggest you give her a try...  Tell them we sent you....  Tanya  Grains shop

Postal Strike

from what I hear canada post is on strike as of june 3rd!! I will keep you posted!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Treasuries we're featured in

on you can find alot of useful tools...Although i've never had great success with their customer service or ad people  I would still always reccomend any etsy seller to check out this time saving site. Today I explored the treasury widget part. you simply enter some basic info and create cute widgets.

there were 58 treasuries we were in so we thought it was a bit much to post them all.

Tonight I will post something better and also I want to give some credit to some awesome stores as well

Saturday, May 28, 2011


WOW it;s a busy day online today!!!!

Etsy is flooded with Memoral day sales

Local wisdom cards 30% off

bungalow quilts SUMMER SALE

Zoe and Bruno Sale Items  I have personally shopped with this store..their customar service is as stellar as their bead selections

Cape Gift Shop 40% off

Symbolic Imports  30 % off I have used these salts, SI items are so much more natural smelling than alot of available items....They don't skimp either. There salts are'nt "dry| when you get them. I leave the lid off mine in my bathroon to scent everything.

I have had a nice relaxing day alone again....Done the wife/mom things. Stamped my heart out last night and have the new etsy store listings to prove it

I FINALLY busted out my clays and began making candle holders again....this has been a longtime issue...I have brutal carpal tunnel (thanks old starbucks machines and my barrista days)  But I gave it a try...I wanted to do something less planned more free form and flowy.....and I think it turned out great! Just drop a tealight candle (included of course) in and ta da!
looks amazing at night.  I'll post pics later..

Than some insane Almost need sun glasses embossed owl cardstock notes.

YAY so far so good!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Wow that was fast

10 hours ago we listed this beauty on a vintage lightplate  Than it was features in a beautiful treasury  THANK SO MUCH

here's the treasury ETSY TREASURY


we're ALMOST going to be featured on heartsy!!! Please vote for us!!!!

Not only that. I was just talking to a very lovely woman named Ellen. She owns the blog
She let me know she was having a handmade event from June 6-12. And GUESS who she wants to do a product review for..... YEPPERS Our Nag Champra bath salts And Lavander tealights will be put to the ultimate test! She has over 2400 followers and over 2300 subscribers....This is a big test and our first blog review request....We ARE upto the challenge.

In our chat I had asked why she picked us to review....she informed me it was because of the amount od different crafts we do....  I found it odd. It's no suprise I'm like the TEXTBOOK adhd mom...naturally I can't focus on one thing (except for my nasty habit of writting 1 sentence paragraphs with bad grammar and poor punctuation) I always thought it showed my inconsistency, inability to remain on task at  one thing.....could these one time "flaws" be helping me...WOW!!!

SO!!!! I am not sure if ellen will get her suprise pack in time but I'm feeling really good about today......

night all


for months I have waited for this day....the day that hubby takes the boy to the camper and I'm once the crying fit ended I was free to roam our new house and do ANYTHING unseen, unheard by anyone. I gathered my soy wax, double boiler, essential oils, moulds and went into candle frenzy......melting pots of wax, ahhh it was glorious. The smell of relaxing lavander, purple dye melting in swirls, and pouring just the perfect candles......It was HEAVEN!!!! HOWEVER I know lavander is relaxing BUT Once all the candles were done, I took a 3 hours nap at be warned WE MAKE GOOD CANDLES.

It was a great day....the boy was ready at 5:15 am in his rain boots and frog rain coat to go up north.......his parents were not!

I was so excited to be alone.....but now that I have crossed candle party and uninturepted nap off the list i'm bored.....I have new beads, new paper for cards...but I am perfectly happy laying on the dogs blanket, cuddling my huge furry child......(you hav'nt met my dog...he's like a 70 lb minky blanket)  ahhhh I think we'll just stay in...It;s perfect right here....

Today I know how blessed I am.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

back again..........for good

I am happy to be back to blogging!!!! lining up some guest bloogers and so on...our store ahs grown to include TONS of paper goods and bath stuff!!!