Friday, September 2, 2011

A very good mail call indeed!

some sellers get it so right!!!!!  As still wait for some orders I ordered 4-6 weeks ago....(shakes head) I thought i'd share with you my delightful mail call was a great way to end a weekend.

                                                                      Pixel Prince
I got a big pink and purple polkadot tube from the pixel prince.....I rarely even get gifts wrapped so nice! What a lovely suprise. I love buttons...pinback buttons...a quick quip of one's personality on a tiny button. I bought to many to post here but here's a few including a button made to a keychain. I also got a beautiful poster as well. It was shipped fast and carefully. Pixel prince can be found HERE

The Petite Package
Ok I have a serious  thing for packaging supplies, glassine bags, tags and all of the sort. If you've ever shopped with me there is no doubt that you have noticed this. So when The petite package offered  up an amazing deal I could'nt resist! I ended up asking for a custom listing that included some great stickers. a lovely package of supplies and it came fast, beautifully branded and I adore it. Seller was amazing in setting stuff up for me,,,double checking an error I made. I will no doubt be a customer of this store.

The petite package can be found HERE

I honestly wish I had more to share with you but I just don't.  I am guessing that most people are torn between their stores and back to school.   I know I have fallen slightly behind myself.. So to all you parents I wish you and your wee ones a great year of success. My son is going back to kindergarden  and even got his haircut despite mass disapproval!  I hope to have some better mailbag reviews soon,

PS we have ordered our christmas candle supplies!!! stay tuned, we also have alot more new items in the store including some vintage pyrex...flower earrings, and a great sale starting tommorow!  HUGE in fact!

Take care and check back often. We will soon be having a giveaway so get your friends, neighbours whoever as the more that play the more that will win!!