Monday, December 24, 2012

The sheraton Center Toronto .... NEVER EVER AGAIN

I've stayed many places...honestly this was the worst. From the noise that nobody stopped at 2:30am, to the rattling heaters, the bathtub that didn't hold water, the attitude when we tried to have concerns met, to trying to leave this review on the sheraton website and nothing working (we than called to get the number and the women at guest services was SO ignorant and just said well I guess it doesn't work) This is the worst, most overpriced hotel I have EVER stayed at. I was really looking forward to our trip away.....such a shame, and money wasted. I think I would have slept better and had less problems at a super 8 motel! The only bright part was the pool, and the maintenance man that we met in our room to fix our broken tub at almost 8pm with kids waiting to bathe and go to bed. Even when I said to my autistic son not to touch my hot coffee because it was hot the idiot waiter at the bnb restaurant thought it was funny to say "oh go on touch it it's not that hot" HOW UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!!!! I am disgusted and would NEVER EVER GO BACK!!!! If you stay here make sure you do not get room 1211 or you WILL NOT SLEEP! Good luck future travelers. I spend 40-50 nights in various hotels around ontario, and I will never step foot in this one again!.