Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BIG MAILBAG finally!!!!

wow it's been awhile but this will make up for it!!!!

mail has been really hit and miss lately but I have lots to share

I was in desperate need of a message board for by my front door!  I lucked out and found this great frame with wire and clothes pins.....it's AMAZING beautiful, well packaged and comes from a shop owner that loves customer service!

Within minutes it was up on the wall and now holds important notes, pictures or just about anything. This seller is kind and really cares about her customers and items. Laura's store can be found at http://www.etsy.com/shop/koniver?ref=seller_info

ubuhle is a great shop not packed full of 100's of things but stocked with what works. Do you know how hard it is to find good black soap......well it's not anymore! and you can have your own custom scent too
Some of the many super powers of black soap are:

prevention and healing of acne
deep skin cleansing
ridding the scalp of dandruff
balancing oily skin
assisting with the healing of eczema
fungus removal
conditioning and softening of hair
100% Vegan Soap, no sulfates

and trust me this is heaven in the shower!!!! I followed it up with
sooooooooo yummy. I found this seller so nice and easy to deal with. I had thought my item was lost and heard back from her within minutes with a plan of action! Minutes later upon walking my dog I found it...and I am so glad I did. I am very eager to try more items from this store

Karma Crochet is one of my new fave shops..I needed 3 sets for teacher gifts...I was told they would ship in a week however they shipped within days. I looked over the site and stuff was selling so fast i could'nt get to my cart without things being sold out lol. The seller set me up a reserve listing for 3 bowls,3scrubbies and 3 cloths. I set in blue, one in pink and one in purple. not a problem and they arrived fast and perfectly packaged....I will have to take pictures and post them...so divine.

Please share some of the shops you love most!!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Finally here we are!!!

we have worked really hard on this line!

our nag champra and honey lotion is over 95% natural...it's so yummy and goes with our candles.melts,and salts

Our sensual relaxation line is BY FAR our most popular. Body butters, room/body/linen spray and our now famous detox salts all share this amazing scent

I will add more pics later...we've not stopped all day not even for food lol   check out all the awesome new stuff at http://www.meandtheboy.com/

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

YAY MAILBAG DAY jam-jelly-and honey OH MY!!!

Finally some mail is getting thru!!!!

I always love jam and jellies for my son as he adores jam sandwiches,,,, I have seen bovinebubbles alot and being that they are canadian, and have a huge selection of jams and whatnot I decided to try! Also since my order from a heartsy/etsy seller never showed up (if it was ever really shipped) 

It was a BIG splurge but made sense in the long run. For 53$ I could get 6 jars with expedited delivery! it works out to about 8$ and change per jar for 8 ounce jars I don't think that's terrible....plus it beats the supermarket selection.

I ordered 2 banana nut butters, 1 blueberry nectarine, one vanilla pear cinnamon, one strawberry mango and the one my son and grandchildren begged for 1 bubblegum apple jelly!

It arrived today!!!  beautifully jarred, VERY securely packaged....very impressed

we only have opened the banana nut bread butter...GOOD LORD!!! it's unreal. I had mine on rye bread, while my son mixed his in with plain oatmeal...we were BOTH impressed. I CANNOT wait to try the rest.

The seller was very helpful, informative and patient. I had some odd yet somple questions and she assured me all would be fine. 

Bovine bubbles also offers a great body line also....I would WITHOUT a doubt shop here again and reccomend this shop to anyone.

you can find the shop HERE

OH and before I forget....the honey selection is also great!!! lavender honey yum....that will be the next buy!

Monday, September 19, 2011

FIRST GIVEAWAY !! Yes there will be more FREE STUFF

Well we have officially been open a year! and what an amazing year it's been!  THIS giveaway is for a sample size of Eaxh of our 3 scents of body care

1-sample of nag champra/honey lotion
1-sample of winter warmth  body butter
1-sample of sensual relaxation body butter
1-sample of our soy votive candles my choice of scents
1 sample of out not even released room/body/linen spray in my choice of scents.

This giveaway is worth over 25$ with free shipping included!

So what do you need to do?? not much

you get 1 chance for posting a comment below telling me your fave thing in our store. you can pick anything at all that you like it has nothing to do with the prize. Post your fave thing below.

Get another chance for liking our shop on the lower left hand corner of our etsy page.

Get another chance for posting about us on facebook or twitter.

Get another chance for each person you reffer to this blog who signs up as a follower. they must post in this post that YOU refered them

so if you post to facebook, like our page and refer 2 people you get 4 chances

if you post below, send 5 new followers, post to twitter and like our page you get 8 chances

if you post below only you get one chance


We will announce the winner THURSDAY afternoon September 23rd GOOD LUCK   and remember the more followers the more fun!

There will be a bonus gift for the  person with the most referals

The one with the most points wils

Sunday, September 18, 2011

BIG NEWS...Really big big news!!!

Before I tell  you about our GIVEAWAY.... I want to introduce you to my new line product. As some of you may know.... We launched a bath and body line this week. It will be under the same name Me and the Boy.

So far we have released our line in groups. I find the market is flooded with product and it keeps changing....as soon as you find a scent you love it's gone. We aim to help. We will have individual groups of items ALL in the same scent. Some will be something we will ALWAYS have (our sensual relaxation or nag champra line)  Some will be limited (like our winter warmth)

Under each scent there will be options for bath stuff, body lotions and butters and also some soy candles and tart melts.

All you will have to do is search the scent name and all the items in that line will come up.

I thought about this line alot....ALOT!!!  There are a few things VERY important to me
  1. I will not be selling scents like monkey farts, or  bbw type anything. I want to use as natural scents as possible. As often as possible I intend to use essential oils in their basic form. I don't think there is ANYTHING wrong with having a million different scented candles in your shop,,,,I myself am kind of a big fan of sex on the beach scented wax melts) Having a ton of allergies I can't tolerate scents....certain scents trigger my asthma..I prefer recognizable smells....nothing that jumps out and bowls you over. I sometimes with I could enjoy everything the amazing industry has to offer.
  2. You will never find dye in anything I make. Besides just adding to cost, I don't understand it. Ok it's eye appealing, however there is no need for it..it's added chemical,,and serves no real purpose. If something in our line has color it's likely powdered beet root or carrot pulp....it's just how we roll.
  3. I am not trying to create an empire. I want to cover my costs and take care of my family....lol just like you! My mom has always told me.....if something costs more....chances are it's better and even if it's not people think it is. I think there is no industry that is worse than the bath and body industry and it's the customer that pays the price. Before opening my store I spent a few months trying all kinds of rubs, scrubs, salts EVERYTHING   I often found there was more care, enthusiasm in lower priced items.....the products often better also. My prices ARE lower than most of my fellow etsy-ers that do the same thing. Everyone uses different suppliers..that aside we all want to make a living.....I much prefer charge less and you not be afraid to use it....glop it on because you can afford to buy more. We need to start taking better care of ourselves inside and out.....without being made to feel guilty about it.
So am I making sense! I hope so.

my first item was was some candles and tarts....than bath salts as I couldn't find ANYTHING like what I wanted....(we have 2 kinds)  last week I launched our body butter (which is true body butter and we prove it in our pic)  and body lotion....coming soon is a tattoo brightener, a bath and shower scrub that is vegetable based, and who knows what else.

Our line will be as natural as possible always un chemically dyed, and a fair price.....

Which brings us to our giveaway!!!!! We will be posting it this week!

You know We turned ONE today on September 18th   what an awesome year..thanks so much to everyone.

We will be posting our giveaway MONDAY September 19th!!!! by 5pm Canadian time! It's AN AMAZING one!    check out all our new and good old stuff at www.meandtheboy.com

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

it's all good!

well as you may have noticed, we have really branched out into candles and tarts. WELL I finally sorted out our branding and it's beautiful. We have put a ton of work into our soy wax products...testing waxes, wicks, packaging and all that... AND we are SUPER PLEASED to anounce that out bath and body line will be rolling out starting TODAY!   We hope to indulge and pamper you all soon!  It's a huge new venture but we're confident we'll be well received.

An awesome inexpensive gift that INCLUDES shipping for 22.50. You know you can't get much for under 30$ for a good gift!

come see all the new goodies  http://www.meandtheboy.com/  or at the bottom of our home page

it's 1:45am but here she is!!!!! http://www.etsy.com/listing/81793405/luscious-thick-all-natural-body-butter

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Robins little nest! Not your average bird

up late one night looking for carpets...I'm kinda odd in the things I collect. I adore coats, hats, carpets, aprons..... yep  odd!

I was looking for area rugs that were eco friendly... I saw the picture in the listing for this carpet

pretty huh?  It's hard to tell from a picture what a rug will really look like and feel like, but you can tell this is thick. I am into primitive, shabby chic, cottage type stuff! This carpet was perfect color wise. and wasn't perfect fancy shmancy looking (like our comfy cozy home) I contacted robin, who, I have to say is about the sweetest most accommodating seller EVER!  we set up the listing and I waited....waited.....waited... but not long.

In about a week or so it came and like a kid at Christmas I wasted no time in ripping the box apart to find the softest most luscious carpet.....I had contacted Robin about it not laying flat, she offered a few tips and it worked.

This carpet love to be thrown in the washer and dryer, giver a good yank in all directions and used. it's been in the bathroom where it DRINKS water off the kids after the bath, now it lives in our master bedroom at the foot of the bed...it has a special home under our dog. Because it's so think (LITERALLY over an inch think) and cozy and lush, Co-jack has deemed it worthy of comforting his old arthritic bones.

I came home the other day and Co-jack cam down the hall and stretched in the odd way big dogs do...I walked into the bedroom and felt the carpet and it was so warm I know he was there for hours.

Although never intended to be a dog mat.....it's a beautiful carpet after all....we kind of think in our house if it's good enough for the dog it MUST be ok for us too

Please visit robins store right here  she sells all kinds of cute stuff and amazing pictures. She was amazing to deal with and  honestly concerned when I had a few issues with the carpet. She is honestly simply happy to know someone will enjoy her stuff and give it a good home. It's obvious she's passionate about what she does....and you can tell!

WHA WHA WHAAAAA the first BAD mail bag

I am very careful to watch what I say or write when it comes to reviewing or feedback. I, also an online merchant with 2 stores know this can make or break you.....I have had not so great experiences but this I had to post.

I got a heartsy voucher from bodyluxe  I waited over a month to use it as I find sometimes that's better with the bath and body stuff..After all the rave reviews and the bragging about being in the emmy swag bag I though how could I lose. This is EASILY the most obvious case of sellers riding previous accolades EVER!

I ordered 2 healing organic balms, 1 perfume sample and a room spray....

The room spray is glorious I will admit, and I was sent a small sample of bath salts also but alas these items were purchased as a gift for a friends based on the packaging I thought it was a beautiful gift to give. 

Needless to say the only thing good were said salts and spray .

the 2 balms came in ugly little white tubs (standard nothing special)  not the clear jar with beautiful labels shown in pictures that include the ingredients....one had a simple label with the name, the other no label at all. I had to go thru all my purchases to find out....than the perfume sample isn't labeled either....the kicker is I was charged 8$ shipping and the actual cost was 3.28$. I don't know about other sellers but if I charge you 8$ for shipping and it's 3.28 I refund you 4$....I understand this is heartsy deal and it's kinda hard to do but a credit would have been nice!   it;s not even about the 4$ it's the point that I work as hard for my money as anyone else....

I ordered

I got

I will say when I spoke to the seller before the purchase she seemed to be great to deal with...had I known about the balms I would have ordered something else as these were gifts. To not even have the ingredients listed or a card included with it is not a good idea. I often don't have ingredients listed on my label but I always jot them down on a note card or paper and include it as people do have allergies. name labels are nice to simply so I can know what it is I ordered without having to go all thru my list of purchases.

I will say it all smells good, but please if your going to charge PREMIUM prices please do a PREMIUM job!

i'm sorry if this all seems harsh, I guess i'm growing tired of some sellers coasting thru while doing the minimal amount of effort needed while me and many sellers I know busting our butts to make sales with far better presentation, and effort put forth!

It feels bad to write something not nice about a company who likely did'nt see the problem in the first place....but it also feels pretty crappy to be on the receiving end of something I ordered that turned out to be not what I thought!

Share your thoughts!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

MAIL CALL Bubbles and bugs!

bubbles and bugs is this sweet shop owner that seems to be able to find any fabric and make the cutest necktie tops. Some have suspenders...mine never do. I first came across her when looking for construction stuff for the boy... I got an amazing brown top with a dump truck tie.....

Well The boy is sooooooo into green eggs and ham....I figured i'd never find a thing. I spent hours searching etsy, ebay and so on...so I dropped bubbles and bugs a line and asked if she could help....within literally minutes she sent me back a sample...IT WAS PERFECT. With bubbles and bugs you can get a tshirt or long sleeve in an insane amount of colors...So I picked BRIGHT ORANGE (i think it looks great with blue jeans)  

Well today it arrived.... I don't have a picture but I will tonight....It's unreal  this is the necktie piece she cut for the top on a white top

There is no doubt in the world I will use this seller again. Infact I am thinking of doing shirts for all the kids in our family, as she has alomost everything kids love! I would reccomend this seller to ANYBODY and she can be found HERE   thanks Jaymee for everything!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's here, IT's FINALLY HERE

Drum roll please

We have perfected our new scent, and our holiday pick for our candles and our NEW TO COME body butters

Welcome Winter Warmth - A custom blend of fragrances and oils produced  hints of milky amber, creamy vanilla, cinnamon a spicy of berries and caramelized toffee

You must smell this. This scent is custom so you can't find this scent ANYWHERE else.  Also we have added to our soy candles and melts, including some about to sell out that won't come back until summer....and bridal soy melt packages with our hibiscus melts. We will also be adding our new scent for the weekend and have remade our UNDYED nag champra candles...truth be know we can make any candle any color or no color at all...just ask us.

About our giveaway.....it's more fun with more people! SO invite your friends and when we reach 100 I will have an awesome giveaway....PLUS tell your friends to POST WHO SENT THEM and the one with the most referalls will win a votive 4 pack!   hurry.......I'd love to do this giveaway by halloween! 

I am really wishing some mail would show up.......


Monday, September 5, 2011

Twas the night before the start of the school year!

Frantically I search for all those things I put away for the new school year....it;s not my fault really... you  see summer just went so fast this year.

Our store surpassed the 250 sale mark.... Thank you to everyone that has shopped with us, passed our name along, or just read this blog...we love you all!

So at the end of a summer I have an almost 5 yr old boy who is reading, writing, and developing into a young man slowly but surely.

I know alot of you are in this great time of the year too so to all the parents CONGRATS!!!! we made it another summer unharmed!

All the best to you all. Hopefully there will be a good mailbag tuesday as today is a holiday. Happy labor day.

Tanya and Val

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

A very good mail call indeed!

some sellers get it so right!!!!!  As still wait for some orders I ordered 4-6 weeks ago....(shakes head) I thought i'd share with you my delightful mail call today....it was a great way to end a weekend.

                                                                      Pixel Prince
I got a big pink and purple polkadot tube from the pixel prince.....I rarely even get gifts wrapped so nice! What a lovely suprise. I love buttons...pinback buttons...a quick quip of one's personality on a tiny button. I bought to many to post here but here's a few including a button made to a keychain. I also got a beautiful poster as well. It was shipped fast and carefully. Pixel prince can be found HERE

The Petite Package
Ok I have a serious  thing for packaging supplies, glassine bags, tags and all of the sort. If you've ever shopped with me there is no doubt that you have noticed this. So when The petite package offered  up an amazing deal I could'nt resist! I ended up asking for a custom listing that included some great stickers. a lovely package of supplies and it came fast, beautifully branded and I adore it. Seller was amazing in setting stuff up for me,,,double checking an error I made. I will no doubt be a customer of this store.

The petite package can be found HERE

I honestly wish I had more to share with you but I just don't.  I am guessing that most people are torn between their stores and back to school.   I know I have fallen slightly behind myself.. So to all you parents I wish you and your wee ones a great year of success. My son is going back to school...sr kindergarden  and even got his haircut despite mass disapproval!  I hope to have some better mailbag reviews soon,

PS we have ordered our christmas candle supplies!!! stay tuned, we also have alot more new items in the store including some vintage pyrex...flower earrings, and a great sale starting tommorow!  HUGE in fact!

Take care and check back often. We will soon be having a giveaway so get your friends, neighbours whoever as the more that play the more that will win!!