Monday, June 6, 2011

Can't kill my Monday high

yay monday...I love means the mail comes. Even during the Mail strike I am still getting stuff,,,

Today I got my heartsy deals I bought a few weeks ago from I got my four keychains today (she had an awesome 3/27$ deal) than I bought a round one. they are so perfect. oftem I see similar items from other sellers with up and down letters and scratches. THESE ARE GLORIOUS!!! perfect and I love them. Seller is so easy to deal with and made sure I had these before school ended (2 are teachers gifts)

Than I found this amazing purse/handbag maker  her work is amazing.... not a master seamstress, but well on the rise her eye for detail is stellar and her sense of style is amazing.. I purchased it's amazing.... The dark burnt-ish orange liner is a perfect match.. I know i'll be shopping here again soon (much to my closets dismay).

So that's this Monday in my mail

On another note many of you are asking why am I doing notecards for 1$. It's simple I got alot of paper sitting around.....cardstock, scrapbook paper and MORE... Rather than throw it out i'd rather stamp it and sell 4/1$. seems silly when you pay a 20 cent etsy fee to list, plus a percentage to etsy and paypal so it works out to 60-67 cents BUT it also allows me to offer something small to perhaps go with an existing purchase, meet new customers, offer something for EVERYONE and also helps build my feedback which is worth WAY WAY more than 67 cents. My feedback is my lifeline I think. When someone is deciding weather to buy from me my feedback says things like......Well made, Well constructed, fast shipping.... these are great comments I can't fake and it also gives me alot to live up to, and it pleases me to no end that people notice the work I put into is 1$ a waste.....I prefer to see it as a great investment. And besides it really does'nt take alot top stamp and cut the top of a piece of paper. We also refund excess shipping over 1$ so people know we save them as much as we can.  check out these lil beauties

see you all soon!

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