Thursday, June 9, 2011

Amazing Day!

Well lots happened today. Nothing good came in the mail.....BUT   we GOT OUR HEARTSY DEAL  I am quite sertain we will be featured June 14th  Tuesday. It's an amazing chance for you to get some awesome deals on our items, plus we will be donating our regular 15% to autism/adhd community groups. THANK YOU ALL for the votes,  and support. It means the world. I've updated our site with over 15 new listings.

Not really new, you see I forgot about the expired listings folder...HA HA  found some of the most amazing pieces i'd forgotten about. Organized my studio....and cuddled on the couch with my true love!!! Ma Boy!


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  1. Hi! Found you thru another bloggers site when I was blog hopping and am a new follower thru GFC and sent you a FB friend request. Would love a follow back if you don't mind. Thanks and hope to see you around again when I am blog hopping.
    Have a great weekend.