Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Be careful what you wish for when it comes to heartsy

So I finally made it to heartsy   whoopie

having tried so hard to get featured, I realize what a waste of time it was... One person at heartsy would tell me one thing while someone else told me another... Than I was told that a certain amount of vip vouchers are issued,,which is a total lie   you see they don't set aside anything. they ASSUME it's 20-30%   in my case try 27 out of 36 sold were vip's///Our heartsy feature ended up COSTING me over 50$... not to mention stocking up on supplies for packaging, extra items made, worying about keeping up and so on...

I'm thrilled that some customers got some great deals and I got to clear out my store,  but at what cost. At the end of it all I think I had 3 people spend more than their voucher.....many of the people who voted and encouraged me did'nt shop with me (which is fine too i'm just sayin)

But the lowest of the low is how some stores (perhaps thru no fault of their own) seem to get multi day extensions, or giveaway promos on their pages that help them sell out with no rhyme or reason, while others don't even hear about it. Being pressured into vip stuff with the line of "well let's try it this way and see what happens"- because of course the better the vip deal the more sign up's they get at my cost....MANY times thru the day I asked for help and all day I was told well, lets see what happens thruout the day and guess what  it's 930pm and nobody has done SQUAT. I was offered 4$ per vip voucher to offset the money I lost  but considering I only wanted to do an extra 5$ for vip's ...well we know what i;m getting at. What blew my mind was the lies about the amount of vouchers "set aside" for vip's, that there is no such thing....they just assume a percentage,,,,and then a situation like mine comes up and "oh I guess we were wrong"

The whole situation has rubbed me the wrong way. I was invited to resubmit, but considering all of this not only don't I want to submit again, Id rather forget heartsy all together. I would hate to think there may be other sellers in the same shoes...i'd rather pay full price and let a seller not feel lied to, degraded, and lose their creative spirit.   I almost considered closing my store....wondering if the problem was me....

I am so glad I met new people, got to get rid of alot, but I am very suprised at what being a heartsy feature REALLY meant.... But I guess I don't believe in rising to the top on the backs of others...

Heartsy serves a purpose....But it is NOTHING like what it appears....it is simply another walmart or costco.....corporate greed has now  found it's way into the handmade world....the one nice pure thing left.....

Be careful what you wish for......because you might get it.  If you still want to try for heartsy go ahead....who am I to stop you. Months ago I would have read this post and thought it was "the sellers" problem.... but having read about broken promises to people who had issues, lies told and believe me thie list will grow, i've decided i'd rather pay an items true worth.....than make an artist question their worth.

So to heartsy... Thanks for Nothing!!! (oh except lying, not offering all sellers the same chance, not caring that some of us donate to charity) I hope you got what you wanted out of it....I sure did'nt...


  1. Ah pumpkin! That sucks it truly does. I too considered Heartsy but after reading a little... actually a lot, I decided that it was too complicated, seemed sketchy and well... I already offer great prices! I use excellent materials that cost ME a lot of money, shipping costs, packaging and ... let's not forget TIME! I barely cover my costs and certainly don't cover my time - so do they really expect me to drop prices by up to 70%?!? Why not just dig a hole and bury myself in it? Seriously, why would I bother selling at all if I'm going to lose money? Why not just save them up for Christmas or birthday presents or alternatively just post on Facebook or whereever and wait for a client that appreciates my work?
    I guess that's what ended up happening to you. I'm sorry you went through that - the 'support' thing is funny. I get lots of ouuus and ahhhhs but that doesn't always equate to sales ;). I didn't vote for you on Heartsy because I believe Heartsy cheapens our work. I've even considered ending sales. When I have a sale, I don't end up selling! At the end of the day, if a person really wants my jewellery they get it when they are ready. I've also noticed that if I offer to use cheaper materials to lessen the costs when they start to haggle me, they quickly snub their nose at inferior quality goods! Then they say they want it 'as is' and will wait until they are ready for it. Having your own business is hard. Selling work that evolved from your head, your heart and your passion is even harder. It's not like food or essential services, people must appreciate your work and appreciate the time, effort and creativity that went into making it. Keep your spirits up girl! Slow and steady wins the race. There will always be pressure to sell... there will always be pressure to try to compete with the price of factory items that came off the line. Don't give in to that pressure. Respect yourself, respect your work. Much love and peace out! xox
    Tara, Treasure Trunk Designs

  2. Thanks for both of your input on Heartsy! My deal is coming up soon. But it has been a while since they evaluated the deal, and havent gotten back with me when I will be featured. I thought it would be a good way to get traffic through my shop since the summer has been pretty slow, but I really dont think I can make money on it. I try to get my prices down as much as I can but it is hard when you use quality products and packaging like TTD said in the above comment. Thanks for your imput.
    ~Bridget from Do T Do