Friday, May 27, 2011


for months I have waited for this day....the day that hubby takes the boy to the camper and I'm once the crying fit ended I was free to roam our new house and do ANYTHING unseen, unheard by anyone. I gathered my soy wax, double boiler, essential oils, moulds and went into candle frenzy......melting pots of wax, ahhh it was glorious. The smell of relaxing lavander, purple dye melting in swirls, and pouring just the perfect candles......It was HEAVEN!!!! HOWEVER I know lavander is relaxing BUT Once all the candles were done, I took a 3 hours nap at be warned WE MAKE GOOD CANDLES.

It was a great day....the boy was ready at 5:15 am in his rain boots and frog rain coat to go up north.......his parents were not!

I was so excited to be alone.....but now that I have crossed candle party and uninturepted nap off the list i'm bored.....I have new beads, new paper for cards...but I am perfectly happy laying on the dogs blanket, cuddling my huge furry child......(you hav'nt met my dog...he's like a 70 lb minky blanket)  ahhhh I think we'll just stay in...It;s perfect right here....

Today I know how blessed I am.

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