Saturday, May 28, 2011


WOW it;s a busy day online today!!!!

Etsy is flooded with Memoral day sales

Local wisdom cards 30% off

bungalow quilts SUMMER SALE

Zoe and Bruno Sale Items  I have personally shopped with this store..their customar service is as stellar as their bead selections

Cape Gift Shop 40% off

Symbolic Imports  30 % off I have used these salts, SI items are so much more natural smelling than alot of available items....They don't skimp either. There salts are'nt "dry| when you get them. I leave the lid off mine in my bathroon to scent everything.

I have had a nice relaxing day alone again....Done the wife/mom things. Stamped my heart out last night and have the new etsy store listings to prove it

I FINALLY busted out my clays and began making candle holders again....this has been a longtime issue...I have brutal carpal tunnel (thanks old starbucks machines and my barrista days)  But I gave it a try...I wanted to do something less planned more free form and flowy.....and I think it turned out great! Just drop a tealight candle (included of course) in and ta da!
looks amazing at night.  I'll post pics later..

Than some insane Almost need sun glasses embossed owl cardstock notes.

YAY so far so good!

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