Monday, May 30, 2011

What's in a name.... An amazing artist, and all around cool designer

Grain......what kind of name is grain.... or so I thought...there's no more alchemy on etsy however there are many groups for custom.... I put the word out that I needed a new blog button. Along comes many offers. I zero in on the one Canadian......the store name is  GRAIN   hmmmm

we spoke, agreed and within literally hours I had a beautiful 125x125 blog button for a measly 8$  It was'nt what I had thought of having made but I loved it.... It really hard to describe my store...part jewelry store, part paper crafts, and now part bath products and spa candles.... How do you put all that into a 125x125 button.....

Grain was a well organized easy to navigate etsy store. I quickly found what I needed and was suprised by the ease in this project for Noa. Would I go back?? SURE WOULD   And I would suggest you give her a try...  Tell them we sent you....  Tanya  Grains shop

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