Friday, May 27, 2011


we're ALMOST going to be featured on heartsy!!! Please vote for us!!!!

Not only that. I was just talking to a very lovely woman named Ellen. She owns the blog
She let me know she was having a handmade event from June 6-12. And GUESS who she wants to do a product review for..... YEPPERS Our Nag Champra bath salts And Lavander tealights will be put to the ultimate test! She has over 2400 followers and over 2300 subscribers....This is a big test and our first blog review request....We ARE upto the challenge.

In our chat I had asked why she picked us to review....she informed me it was because of the amount od different crafts we do....  I found it odd. It's no suprise I'm like the TEXTBOOK adhd mom...naturally I can't focus on one thing (except for my nasty habit of writting 1 sentence paragraphs with bad grammar and poor punctuation) I always thought it showed my inconsistency, inability to remain on task at  one thing.....could these one time "flaws" be helping me...WOW!!!

SO!!!! I am not sure if ellen will get her suprise pack in time but I'm feeling really good about today......

night all

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  1. Thanks so much for allowing me to work with you on this. I'm looking forward to trying your products!