Sunday, March 31, 2013

I did not want to leave the Delta Chelsea Hotel Toronto

Seriously when I saw the amount of kids in the lobby, and heard they had 1590 rooms I was a bit worried.....

I have a seriously injured foot so I was not sure how much stomping thru the city i'd be doing.....but honestly this plain old school hotel made it just so nice to stay in!

If you've never slept in a delta sanctuary bed YOU MUST!!!! it's the nicest coziest bed EVER... 4 pillows...ahhhhhhhhh it was so nice to sit and spend an after noon with a fine wine and my netflix!

Other than the odd door close and the maids cart go squeaking up the hallway  I HEARD NOTHING,,,,,I saw NOTHING!!! and even though almost every room has a balcony I did'nt even hear the doors all night.

I really didn't do much the first day.....but the second night I decided (after a painful new tattoo) to order room service... I ordered

cajun chicken breast sammy
Caesar salad
all day breakfast
and coffee

(i hadn't eaten all day lol)

IT was wonderful, delivered fast, with tons of condiments, neatly presented and the gentleman that brought it explained the cheque to me, went over my meal, and asked if I needed was lovely...only the little white rose it a bud vase was the cute cherry on top....the only thing I hate   AND it's a personal pet peeve.... if you want to charge 9$ for a salad fine BUT STOP USING KRAFT PARMISEAN IN THE CONTAINER.....Buy a wedge and use the peeler's honestly worth it and doesn't cost much more!

The bathroom was beautiful, bright but it could have used a new tub (old school small not so small)

I think I had an older non updated room. There was some wear and tear but i'll take it....I have NEVER felt so quiet and relaxed... I found it easy to just BE...just sit and be content not going out.

I got the room for 119$ thru livingsocial but would GLADLY pay the 150-170 a night.....SO WORTH IT!  and I was just steps from yonge street.

My check in and out were bs...

I would STRONGLY suggest staying here if you are ok with a non suite, traditional's not fancy but you can't always fake quiet, peaceful and that feeling of being appreciated for your business!

*for the record any review I do weather it's hotels or stuff is paid for OUT OF MY OWN POCKET.
spo I have no reason to sugar coat things!

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