Friday, January 25, 2013

Another disgusting Toronto Hotel

After an AMAZING stay at the delta toronto east we got another dump (good review of delta coming soon)

booked a room to come swimming with my son...

My husband had several problems already with this hotel in the smoking rooms (like bloody towels in the closet and windows that don't close) but I figured since we were in a non  smoking room maybe it would be better.
 NOPE! gross mildew on the ceiling and rust all over the tub.....and when we checked in nobody told us that the pool was not working!!!  What a dump!!! NEVER AGAIN! and the head of front desk is a serious dick!

When I called down to front desk to ask for a head office number, they told me they did not know what the number was (but it's ok I found it)  Head office couldn't understand why they front desk would not give the info. When I asked the head at front desk about the pool his reply was "what would you like me to do about it"

Should have rebooked the delta room, but we were going to the science center and this is the closest hotel.

This hotel is at
55 Hallcrown Place
Toronto, ON M2J4R1
(416) 493-7000

no effort was made to do anything to better the situation.... not a thing.  (if I ran my company like this, I would not have one)

we were awarded the night free and given points towards a future stay. But I still would not try again in this hotel!


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    1. I actually stayed at the one in markham...just havn't reviewed it was great ! Thanks jake