Saturday, October 6, 2012

A handmade christmas part 1

So in an effort to buy every single gift for christmas handmade or making it ourselves (ok I may buy a video game for my son) I decided to share my purchases.

I instantly fell in love with Mountain Scentaments on Her soaps stood out to me and than I saw MAN FRIENDLY felted soap. Having a dad who treats his body like a 5 yr old on summer vacation at the dump I thought this would be perfect for him. Half soap, Half wash cloth. They smell amazing and they are HUGE!!! Well worth the 8$ paid per bar! they arrived fast, well labeled and I am thrilled!!!

I picked this fishing one in irish tweed

And this one in Winter pear 

Now I havn't used them but if the quality and care shown in the item and packaging reflects the soap i know the receivers are in for a treat (i may give one to hubby)

This is one of those shops that I want to go back and shop in....i'd be curious to see what's new. The shop owner is a delight and conversations were replied to promptly.

I strongly urge you to try this shop. 

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