Sunday, September 23, 2012

Product Review - Performance Colors

Years ago when I became a mom I kinda gave up on make up. Five years later I looked in the mirror and hardly recognized the tired, blah face looking at me. I ran across this etsy shop called Performance colors.

She offered a great range of items all handmade, and available in samples too. Her one deal of 3 lipsticks for 10$ was too good to pass up... I went thru all of them about 25 times and settled on


                                                                  cheekie monkey


I love them all and they feel great and last a VERY long time. If, like me, you can't wear read you MUST try is the quintessential red for non red wearers. Cheekie monkey is more sheer than it appears and is equally lovely for a more plain look. Rocket was not for me but it is super pretty if you don't have the skin tone that I do.

I also ordered some concealer samples in fair and light. I'd given up on this stuff years ago. it was cakey or looked like I was wearing concealer....however this formula is silky, smooth and spreads and blends like nothing I have felt before. SERIOUSLY impressed. A serious must have and I will buy some soon.

I also received some eyeshadow samples and lipstick samples. One of the eye shadows worked beautifully for me.....the eye shadow wore beautifully thru bus and subway trips all day, a 3 hr tattoo session and all the way creased the TINIEST bit (I have hooded eyelids and this is typical) but a quick wipe with my finger and it was seamlessly blended perfectly again.

Despite the amazing product, Tiffany is so amazing and ever SHARED Where she gets her tiny sample pots and I picked some up.... Most handmade artists feel this huge competition among each other and value their suppliers and rarely share info...So when a seller so easily shares info, tricks of the trade and so on it says alot.

I would easily score this a 10/10  no complaints....and I know for a fact that I would gladly go back and buy full sizes of the concealer, and eye shadow...along with my new fave lipstick....

Thank you Tiffany....I was losing hope on finding affordable quality make up! Me, my husband, my non frumpy friends....we all thank you!

You can find Performance colors at   I honestly think you'll be amazed!

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