Friday, September 21, 2012

The design Gods sent me an angel - Beepart

Part of having an ADHD 5 yr old is the constant change. It's like our entire life should be made of repositionable vinyl.

We talked about his love of fishing and the Octonauts and decided to do an under the sea theme. He went away with dad for the weekend and I got started!

I am a sucker for shopping handmade, and local, ran a search, and came up with Beepart on etsy. The designs seemed to be perfect. The owner Neil is very convo friendly, patient and worked with me as I had a budget. We changed the sizes from what was listed which was nice. I didn't have to lose any of the elements, just adjust the size.

In the time it took to get here (within days) I painted the remainder of the wall (his room was half blue and half green) blue. With out taupe rug it was already looking like a sandy ocean theme. Forgive me as it was not until after I painted that I thought I should have taken a before picture of his room. Mom has ADHD too. There were so many colors to pick from but I finally settled on lime green,bright orange. and dark grey.


Now before anyone says "how hard can it be to apply a decal to a wall....let me tell you it can be really hard. BUT if you follow Neil's rules that he includes it's FAR ore pleasant (i found this out after trying to apply one decal sans directions)

While I waited for the paint to dry I happened to find this set at sears. I didn't by the fancy cushion....just the was on sale for 70$ plus I had a 10$ gift card and a 10% coupon NICE

His old set was street signs and those babyish construction vehicles in light colors and rounded corners.

Neil's shop Beepart is available here ----> BEEPART SHOP

SO after a few hours and only a tiny credit card (my fault) The end result was the happiest boy under the sea! 
please not the sports theme bed set was bought by daddy 6 months before our son was born......and of course, he has NO interest in sports.


Beepart on ETSY
Ps I forgot to mention. All the green bubbles and shells were included free as part of the sheet. I would without a doubt shop here again, and you should too.


  1. this room is totally cute and love that you used original handmade to make it extra special...

  2. Thanks Megan. I love how it turned out. I searched all over for vinyl decals, but everything was very babyish or mainstream tv characters. It was nice that this shop was so local, and helpful! Thanks for reading our blog