Friday, January 13, 2012

Stores I love

So I am starting my destash store on and needed a new banner. I tried to make one but it never works out so well! I searched and searched but also didn't want to invest alot because I don't know how luulla will go. I came across this cute shop DOLLAR BANNERS.

WHAT??? banners for 1$. Indeed it's true!  I fell in love with the bluebird design. I don't like elegant la di da stuff because that's not who I am. I love birds, and lots of color and something that you don't see everyday. 

I contacted The shop owner about it and explained I needed a specific size. She explained she normally charged an extra fee for resizing but I didn't have to worry she just took care of it. I could have added an avatar for 1$ but I had previously decided to use my picture of me so people can see me.

WELL, within no time she sent me this!

Valerie is funny, kind and easy to work with and I would EASILY recommend this seller to anyone....and already have!

please take a minute to check her out. for 1$ you can freshen your store whenever. I didn't ask about custom but Valerie is so easy to work with I am guessing it would be fine!

This is for sure a store I love

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