Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feeling like I got my big girl panties on!


it's been awhile eh?

Well I am glad to be back! Christmas was great/terrible but me and the boy had a great time. Life has been insane lately. The store was SO busy before christmas.....naturally after christmas it's dead. SO!!!!! I enrolled in college... I will be taking a class for credit about autism and the asd spectrum....hmmmmmmmmmm wonder what inspired that?

what else?      OH THE BOY MADE IT TO FIVE! Yep! 5 years old...broke my heart but I am proud because we both made it! He had his first play date with a friend from school on his birthday it was alot of fun! They both are adhd so it was a very interesting day! 

Lots of new stuff in the shop including a 10% of candle and tart sale, 75% off clearance sale and new roll on perfumes and jewelry!

Thank you guys so much for reading my blog

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