Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life is kinda normal! I think it's a good thing?!?!

SO.... Hello ! remember me? yep I got a little lazy   but it's been a bit of a bore here.

almost better from pnemonia.....

postal strike over......

I have just been working on new things......i've added about 10-12 new items to the store. I came across this old box of vintage beads and have begun using them. i've starting making some small minimalist necklaces that make amazing stacking necklaces, some nice rings, and more candles including a 1/2 cube in lemongrass.

I'm still waiting for stuff I ordered in the beginning of june. Almost anything I buy I will alyaws review and share here.

So far I got

amazing pampering goodness from princessbuttercupsoy  I got these cocoa butter bath melts...DIVINE!! actually i did'nt use them myself. The boy is outside so much he gets dry skin all summer so I ran a bath and dropped one in...I do think pampering him is something he appreciates...he knows it's a wee something extra...and he felt like VELVET....I kept rubbing his arm and he had this glow  not a greasy shime but just a glow that was amazing....HOWEVER today he is covered in dirt and rain barrel water YUM. The soap and lavender bath salts are just as lovely...(the salts scented my whole upstaris for hours it was NICE)

I had ordered some vintage tags and earrings from Oldsoulstyle on etsy...she's neat...great paper goods and I remember having this deck of these cards when I was a kid so I had to get them. The pearl earrings are also beautiful...and I got a lil suprise of these tiny envelopes and a few extra beautiful tags. Highly reccomended

Mamassewingroom I have know thru bnr's and so on for awhile. She's funny and truly very talented at many things. Her aprons are all quique from eachother...Some frilly and pretty some dark and disturbed. I fell in love with an vintage one made from a pillowcase that she had found all by it's lonesome some3where on her adventures. It is so beautiful and I hope to post a pic soon. You must check out her tags too. She also shares a love of day of the dead stuff like me

Bubblesandbugs makes adorable tops and onesies for kids along with little purses totes and tissue holders. I bought the 5/6 dump truck tie shirt for the boy. I will say I am kinda known at my son's school for the kid with cool tops.....this one fit right in. he wore it to his graduation and EVERYBODY commented about it.
Plus this seller is super easy to work with and so willing to accomadate

I'm still dying for all my other things lost in the strike but so far so good.

I am strongly debating closing for a week or so to fix up the shop and travel with the boy..... we will kkep you posted on that.


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