Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another week another mail bag call!

ahhhhh it's been such a great week!

hot, sticky but full of mail

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   where to start 

first of all before I forget we have added to out bath line and candles line

I have come up with the best detox bath ever  only 3 ingerdients  essential oil 100% pure and blended (orange,grapefruit,lavender,black pepper but not in that order) Dead sea salt and french green clay....mmmmmmmmm it's so nice. and after you feel all sleepy, not just because of the lavender but the green clay draws so much out of your body in the way of impurities.

than I used the same relaxing sensual essential oils and started a pretty gray candle line of votives and melts, even some in flower shapes


So onto mail week!

I got my great as always package from . She makes THE most beautiful paper flowers, the same ones I have used in my jewelry.... I got these

Than I got a package from full of yummy goodness  butterfly scrub soaps, twist up soaps, and lemmongrass fluff soap....great stuff and super shipping. her page is full of stuff!

I caved and bought a heartsy deal for a stitch of mine. I love beautiful mats and runners for tables and I so quickly fell in love with  this beautiful neat blue and yellow table runner that is perfect in our house I just love it and it is sooooo well made

It's always a joyfull day when my orders arrive from PKSTUFF

She's awesome funny and way talented.. Everything is always made perfectly and she's even done some custom pieces for me
so I got

LOVE!!! and it fits in my organizer

well it seems I was self spoiled this week but it's still STILL because of the postal strike!   although it's been fun the last few weeks getting all my backlogged orders.

SO I guess it will soon be onto school shopping and starting to put xmas stuff away!

Well we'll catch up next week......hopefully sooner and it won't be so hot!!!!!  

feel free to share your thoughts, or if you've purchased from any of the shops in my blog ad your own opinions.....I love to hear from readers!


  1. Wow! I'm so going to treat myself with your detox bath line!
    Thanks so much for featuring my mini paper flowers! They just look so pretty with your awesome Blog background!

    Dragonfly Expression

  2. Sooooo happy you finally got your goodies! And even happier that you say such nice stuff about them and me, lol. Thank you luv...MUAH!

  3. Such nice stuff, what an awesome week of deliveries! Your blog is beautiful.

  4. So glad you love the table runner! Looks like you purchased a lot of great things.