Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great way to end the week!

So a few weeks ago I got this message on etsy with a 3 item  sale to please add a card to this order and send it off. I had'nt thought much about it until I got this adorable message

Did you send me some magic treats in the mail?? I believe you did and I have been so excited over them, even posting on my blog about the mystery of who it is... how did you find me? Or my address!?? Thank you so much though I love the treats so much!!!!!!!!!
it took a few minutes for me to recall and it was all quite cute and funny! Turns out the lucky gift getter was none other than etsy's ABadPanda who runs an awesome blog   and have a looky loo at what she is wearing...Our skull earrings and swarovski hairclip!!!  Way to go pretty lady!!!!!  Beautiful!!!!! and the skulls are'nt bad either!!!!

Just thought we'd share and everyone check out  Adorable geeky fun talented lady and a very fun and funky read

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