Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Craftsy Experience (not good)

so I have long been a fan of craftsy...I've got some awesome patterns and tutorials free from them and they often have good sales for fabric. I couldn't pass up the fat quarter mystery I took the plunge.....

I waited and waited and waited and finally it arrived! I opened it up (swear to god there was a gasp and almost tears) and was shocked at the level of shit I I know it's a mystery box BUT almost every single fabric is from blank quilting ,,, in fact only 2 are from KIND OF mainstream lines....

The kicker was the doubles, triples and quads of fabric I got. I can see a double or 2 but this is insane...and the fabric is soooooo crappy!

These are all doubles, triples or quads!!!!!

This is all that came in singles

on the left vertically is all the repeats, the right is the singles....kind of off a bit no?

I contacted craftsy and the most they were willing to do was refund my shipping and 22$...still out the 40-50$ full of shitty fabric that I will never use! had the listing said you will get several fact we won't make much effort at will be few and far between, it would have been A) far more honest and I would not have bought it!  Would I EVER shop on craftsy again...perhaps,..if t was a huge sale.... would I ever TRUST craftsy, refer them to a friend, share or promo them on any social media in any way like I do most honest shops....nope...not a chance.... I buy alot of fabric...if not for me than for my supply shop.... I figure craftsy will be missing a few hundred dollars a year that I spend with fabric shops....

I'd like to say they cared....but considering they wou;dn't do much i'm not sure what to think. I now it's a mystery box but sorry for my french this is blatant bullshit!  and very dishonest.

all the fabric was paid for by me, and I really wanted to tell you how awesome it was........but it wasn't.... Or how awesome they were in helping me.......but they weren't

eventually this will happen to enoough people and word will get around..... I hope it's sooner than later so nobody else like me ends up in this situation!