Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beyond The nail - FINALLY a SUPERIOR neon yellow nail polish

FINALLY!!!!! my search for neon yellow is OVER!!!! Thanks to Toronto based Beyond The Nail!

ok seriously this was my first ever handmade polish purchase, and my 3rd neon yellow. So I approached this purchase with great desperation.

(this picture belongs to beyond the nail)

I saw a post on facebook about their neon polish and had to try it. I found it and noticed it's also UV reactive (which I care nothing about, but you might) It looked perfect and a bonus is, like us, they too are from Toronto! shipping was fine and I purchased and waited. Shipping was fast however the downside was in the meantime I'd had my nails done with other polish......NATURALLY the day I get my nails done my beyond the nail polish I have actually waited about 2 weeks to post this as I just got them done again today!

so I painted 2 coats of white (which always looks horrifying)

Than once i got home I painted 2 coats of neon yellow with a coat of seche vite on top. This polish has none of the streaking or chalkiness neons always lumpy's oddly.......PERFECT.
(awful hands for polish blogging hahaha)

Customer service is great and this shop also offers tons of adorable decals for nails and  mountain of other colors!

you can find them below

check them out...i'm so glad i did!


  1. my eyes hurt... in a good way!

    1. it's seriously more intense on your nails.....i LOVE IT!!!!!