Tuesday, June 11, 2013

YELLOW BRICK ROAD BY DEBORAH LIPPMANN Total disappointment......and I so wish it wasn't

so I watched this polish for awhile than one of my fave sites ever www.nailpolishcanada.com announced it would be on sale from 20$ to 11$ so I bought it......it's like at Christmas, when you see the big box the toy should be in.......but someone thought it was funny to put socks in the box....big let down...

At 3 coats is streaky and reminds me of milky egg yolks......i tried with and without a base coat. with and without top coat....it's just a crappy yellow polish!!!! so the quest continues! The best yellow polish.

I do have to say I like how it applied.....but that's where the love affair ended.

Sorry.... I wanted to love it.

I apologize for my swatch pic...I have fat hands....and I don't manicure lots but your'e supposed to be focusing on the colors lol

                                                                              SIGH  guess i'll sell it lol


  1. I was disappointed with DL polishes as well... :( I like yours better :D

  2. omg you're to cute!!! thanks.. This is the first i have tried of hers....likely the last

    1. :P I'm interested in the DL glitters, but can't stand to say goodbye to $19+ tax for just one polish. You should make a frankenpolish with the yellow!