Saturday, June 29, 2013

Etsy shop review - Loops and dots

Needed some small gifts for my son's teachers. I headed to etsy....perhaps some custom notebooks this year!!!

I came across Loopsanddots on etsy . what a great shop!!! and local to boot!

I purchased 2 of these custom notebooks! here

it was so easy I just let her know the color I wanted and what I wanted to say on the cover.... I was shocked at how fast they were done, and since she's out in my area at times she asked if it would be ok to pop them into my mail *THRILLED* no chance of a postal mix up.

I also had a little book made up to write stuff down about my son...those can be found here 

The wrapping papers were just digital download sheets readily found all over etsy! I was so impressed from everything from start to finish! The gifts were loved and if I ever needed something custom like this I would RUN back to this shop in a heartbeat!!!!

all items are purchased FULL PRICE by me therefore an actual non bought review is what you can expect here! as with all items on my blog!


  1. GREAT review... I love it when 'merchants' share the love of other sellers, especially when they are something local. Word of mouth is still the number one way to get your shop noticed, and is a great sense of goodwill. Thank you!

  2. you are more than's a pleasure to have great shops to review.....