Monday, May 6, 2013

The Delta Chelsea Hotel Downtown toronto

I'd stayed initially at the Delta and it didn't go well. I was contacted my Alistair the guest experience expert and a future stay and he assured me it would go better. Last weekend I decided to try again. This hotel is ALWAYS busy... but in a lively fresh way. There was a bit of mix up in the room I was given but I was in my room within 10 minutes. It was lovely, not spacious but everything I needed and above all else is was super clean. Although the one thing I can't stand is not at least having a fridge...(running to the ice machine to fill the bathroom sink with ice always reminds me of parties in university)

The location is PERFECT! but there are a few irrating things at this hotel.

Food's not allowed. Not to your room anyways. Is it the noise in the hall of many delivery people due to the size of the hotel, or is it a bid to keep food sales in house? I don't really care...when I am ordering food I don't want to come to the lobby to pick up my food, especially after the spa, pedicures, or having had a few drinks.

No fridges or microwaves..... This bothered me more when my son was younger.....but seriously... I'd like to drink cold stuff or perhaps wrap up my uneaten food and store it....or perhaps reheat some leftovers at 2am....these are pretty basic things.....

Make sure you upgrade your room or ask for something newly renovated....some of the rooms are a bit "dated"

Overall this is a hotel I would stay at over and over again just due to location alone. The room service is a great price and well presented with HUGE lists of possibilities. The staff for the most part CARE about my needs and wants...I think a few changes or lectures in staff members and this would blow other hotels out of the water....Some of the staff are total pains, refusing to do much to help....I'm glad I ran into Alistair  even theu a negative stay, I will just deal with him from now on.

I want to LOVE this place I really do, If it were not for the small irritating things I would. But for location it cannot be beat!

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