Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fun with purpose

I love doing product reviews and I also like when people are kind enough to review us.

Reviews are not only useful to other shoppers, it helps your web ranking, and lets us know how we're doing

So here's a review of one of my faves!

Sugared Euphoria
Best Bath bombs ever. I met Sarah a bit ago when her mom ordered from my shop, than she did and so the story goes. She has this insane passion for bath and beauty it was no suprise that she started creating. The creations that come out of this small home based company is incredible, it's as though she's been doing this for years! I have had the pleasure of trying many bath bombs that I have bought to laze in the tub with (if my son doesn't use them first)
I adore the viva la juicy bath bomb

The scent stays on your skin for a longtime!!! and the towel used to dry off leaves the bathroom lightly scented. The grapeseed oil leaves your skin sooooo soft but not greasy. I honestly just bought 5 of these in one trip so I don't run out!

Love the shop! Love the owner! Love handmade!



  2. Thank you!! <3 The feeling is mutual, I have an unhealthy addiction to your sugar scrubs, mud masks, wax tarts etc etc, it's a long list of things I use daily lol :)

  3. Love this review Tanya and i can't wait to use my viva la juicy bath bomb.Sarah is awesome and makes such amazing bath products.

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