Friday, August 26, 2011

MAIL BAG - and EARLY haha I suprise myself sometimes!

Yep.....the CNE is in town....that means the end of the summer. It's 11 days until back to school..I lucked out and had a boy who hit that grows really slow stage this year so he needed nothing for school.....however that does'nt mean I did''nt but him stuff anyways!

I got some labels like these....  Honestly I do like the product but it took awhile to get proofs, and than tok longer to arrive. But the labels are fun, vibrant and very sticky. These were purchased  at The Lollipop Label Shop
 I would give this shot a second try though for sure as the fints, combo packs, and pictures are so cute.

This is not my sons name either but it's the site's photo.

I bought my furry son a nice gift!!! He's our 74 lb goldendoodle co-jack (long story)

We ran across The Fyber Stud thru Heartsy. A man crochet artist that is funny, patient, actually cares about what he sells, has amazing attention to detail and a shop worth spending a bit more for a great item. I read theu and just fell in love with this thinner crochet mat.

I'm really hopefull that the dog will hate it and it becomes mine...Thanks Rohn we will be back to shop with you  Click here for  TheFyberStud

more coming soon.....

Also we will soon be doing our first giveaway soon! 

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