Thursday, August 11, 2011

I know it's been awhile. But i'll make it worth it

So summer is winding I the only mom counting th  days until the school bell rings? It seems my mom is right. She told me that this time of year the parents get as sick of the kids somedays as do the kids of the parents.

so lots to go on today!!!

Sarah, the great girl that helps me when my shops get busy has opened her own store. I have never met someone so obsessed with paper in my life. Tissue paper, cardstock, wrapping paper  ANYTHING is her shop. It's adorable and her work is amazing!


So I am starting to put things away for birthdays and christmas (7 birthdays from sept-jan plus christmas)

Jodiscraftemporium is truly one of my best shopping times ever. Anytime I ever shop here it's simple, and everything from transaction to product is perfect! I purchased this set for my mom
4 simple crocheted clothes for her kitchen. She has a romantic dreamy kitchen, and I know these will go beautifully. My mom is stating the value of shopping handmade. I have vowed to have a totally 100% handmade only holidays!   check out jodi's shop. you'll find so much stuff. And she's been known to do some custom work too.  I had a carpet made and thru various washes and being in the kitchen it still looks brand new. It honestly delights me everytime I see it. Click here for jodi's shop

Tulips treasures is a canadian seller. I found tulip thru bnr's and also heartsy. I found her shop FULL of great stuff. A mix of accessories, skin care and more I was delighted to find this Shea Lavender butter.
It is so simple in it's make up but glorious in it's smooth creamy perfection. It literally melts into your skin but the scent lingers forever it's amazing. I've been using it as after care for my new tattoos also and it's PERFECT! I aalso picked up some great hair clips and a cute pewter nest ring at this store too. How great to have such a mix of stuff in one place. Click here for tulips treasure

Piixwixcandleco is a shop I ran into thru BNR's on Etsy. I am a sucker for solid when I found out I could buy 3 and get one free I was ready!!!! I picked wild cherry vanilla, lavender lemon, and nag champra  patchoulli. As my free one she did a custom nag champra. they arrived fast....really fast. In adorable metal slide tins they are the perfect size. They are highly fragrant but when applied they are not over powering at all.
This one was my's not a smell I would normally reminds me of cherry lifesavers  mmmmmm.  Find this great store here by clicking here

I will be adding more to this list this evening....but.... I have the whole house to son, hubby or i'm off to draw a long bath and make some food nobody else in the house likes|! 


  1. Enjoy your time alone!

    Thanks for sharing the great etsy shops.

  2. hi kim....oh it was nice, alas i'm sick again. I ADORE sharing etsy shops....If I have an amazing experience why not share. It's hard to be an artist, reguardless of your medium..let's support eachother rather than worry about competition