Friday, November 30, 2012

Tis the season!

I'd be lying if I didn't say once in a while my marriage has issues, but I am honestly blessed to be married to my husband. A night here or there we INDIVIDUALLY grab a room and just relax alone......or he'll wake up with our son and let me sleep....I might only get dinner on the table a scant few nights a week....but he loves me. Tonight I went on a mini getaway...

I headed downtown..... I think i'm in love with the IDEA of downtown Toronto.... it's loud, busy and rushed....3 things I am not. I planned to go do some christmas shopping, thanks to pre menopause I barely get anything done in less than 5 trips. I ended up finding some awesome pants, than went back to my room.

hours later I woke up sitting up on the couch..... OH NO the day wasted!!!!


It was glorious..... I didn't have to force myself to stay awake or explain to anyone that I was just sooooo fuckinnnnnn tired lol

I even managed to hold onto my hotel room key the entire time.  How indulgent....and I'd not even got my coat off. I ate a hot meal, got to close the bathroom door to go without having to lock it,,,,,enjoyed an ENTIRE hot shower without a single words from anyone, no dog barking.....Even a grown up meal of Fish, and asparagus  WOW!

I place so much pressure on this one trip....always...a huge list of accomplishments....they rarely get done. it's as though I feel guilty for just GETTING AWAY..... this time I just let it be...... i just slowed down.....I came  back after menopause shopping.....(you know menopause really DOES suck)  i had a hot coffee, washed my clothes,,,,(because it's not 35 things in one load in an effort to dwindle down the stacks in the laundry room)   My husband would be impressed....  

it might seem like an odd topic....but I wanted to blog about it because I don't ever want to forget what this day felt like.... I think it's the first time in about 15 years I just....let....go.  And felt great about it!


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