Wednesday, November 2, 2011

YAY product review WITH PICTURES (yep solved the issue)

So I got the photo thing sorted out! I will be fixing the last 2 posts when I get some time! Things are CrAzY!!! But crazy good, busy, in fact we've had to turn down offers for custom/bulk work and craft shows. We took some big leaps and are on a good curve

We had some new things come as we are having a 99% handmade holiday (we bought our grandkids a wii) but the rest has been feels AWESOME  to know our money is going to families not factories!

so let's begin
|PigCastle is someone I ran into right after starting on etsy. Always great stuff, reasonable prices and just a nice chick! I NEED twine.... (It's all thepetitepapier's fault). She got me started!  I got a roll of peapod twine from pigcastle and adore it. It arrived fast too!

I had to remove the previous review of livelovegreen as she's a super scammer bitch  SORRY

she also runs olympia oils and northwest naturals. she likes to sell stuff and take money but never send product!
I do have other etsy purchases to list but it's late and i'm sleepy. I will try to post again on or before the weekend. Visit these shops! tell them we sent you cuz we love them!

Happy shopping!


  1. It's a good thing you ordered already! She isn't restocking her shop until the Heartsy month is over, so all those people who haven't used their vouchers yet are screwed.

  2. Yep, she is not a very honest person. Hopefully enough will write in to have her removed from Etsy.

  3. it should be mentioned that these posts are NOT about pig castle.. they are about the second erased review