Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BIG BAD MAIL BAG Bad in a good way

ok it's been building up for a bit!

awesome supercool chick! Great taste and seriously well made stuff


I use the small pouch bag for the boy for show and tell and the bag as his library bag. He loves it

Dianapantz is here http://www.etsy.com/shop/dianapantz 


I make candles and tarts and bath stuff. However I find it seriously indulgent to buy other peoples stuff. I scored these melts that I think are the best I have ever bought! smooth creamy and just awesome. This is my second shopping trip at this shop and likely not my last!

We got another cute top done from bubblesandbugs because we have no long sleeve tops. I will get a picture of it asap! This shop is just amazing, accomadating and goes the extra mile! http://www.etsy.com/shop/BubblesandBugs

this shop has a smaller amount of stuff than most bath and body shops...it's because what she does is done RIGHT! The acorn soap is something you must try....I felt so clean, I know it sounds silly but it was amazing! the aromabeads in lavender were also lovely mixed with a VERY generous amount of dried buds.

I have shopped here alot....not as often as I wish I could. She's funny, talented and a fabric whore like me! only she can actually make stuff. I had this old glass jar I kept all my shipping stuff in...tags....twine labels and stuff. BUSTED all over the desk....so I thought this would be a god substitute
now I would like a dozen or so......theyre great! and so is the woman that makes them. http://www.etsy.com/shop/PKStuff?ref=pr_shop_more

check out these great shops and others! keep the handmade movement alive. Just so you know every single gift for christmas this year and 9 birthdays are all handmade....the only gift not handmade is a nintendo wii for our grandkids....other than that everything was made by someone. we supported a family not a company.....if you really want to send banks and big companies a message....shop locally, handmade, as often as possible.

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