Friday, April 13, 2012

2 New reviews

okay it's been a very long time since I have done product reviews. We've been so busy building our site, creating new things, and well, life lol. So let's not wait's some of latest faves!


It's always super indulgent in my mind to buy someting I make off someone else. I've only ever bought tarts off ONE etsy seller EVER because at any given time I have 10-20 lbs of wax and god knows how many scents! Besides beauty , krissy's shop shows brains. Great names, Custom blended scents, and lots of love.
 I've said it so many times CONSISTENCY is SO important. I don't care if I get a deal if I never know exactly what to expect, I'm not rich, who is? I'd rather pay more and know it's going to be consistent each and everytime and I can rely on it.
I ordered the same thing multiple times (headless horseman.....what? I like pumpkin!)   Both times very well scented, easy to break apart and smell that lingered forever. Perfect both times....and that means i'll be back!
OH and her solid perfumes are great too..... I've tried the nag  champa and a few others! very yummy!

Whimsy Bags
This was one of those things that,  for me, was a must have.  Saw it, bought it! I came across the highly offensive bag that I found hysterical. Often many people think I am upto no good. Maybe it's the tattoos, hair, clothes, so I figured why not poke fun at it! And so far it has'nt caused any problems and I can honestly say I laugh everytime I see it. I get EXCITED to use it......Seller is AWESOME!!! I'd shop here again anytime


Well! The boy is at school and only for 3 this blog ends here!. BUT I will post again over the weekend. Tommorow me and the boy are going "on vacation" a fun trip to the science center and back to a hotel for dinner and swimming.....(a staycation?) 

Do forget we launched our own site away from etsy! We're having alot of fun with it and are working hard to try to get everything up. There are many things up there that won't be on etsy.

Monday, April 2, 2012


I just wanted to let you guys know one reason I have not been active is that we are opening our own site. The launch date is Wednesday april 4th. it will be at which currently points to etsy but won't on wednesday!   use code grandopening to get free shipping on any order over 15$....
you will find alot of stuff that is'nt even in our etsy shop. Since etsy is falling to pieces we are starting to distance ourselves. So come join us Wednesday!