Monday, March 5, 2012

TOP 5 reasons to shop handmade

I spoil myself as much as possible with's why

1) Almost anything is customizable...if you ASK....and you can ask because you are dealing with a person, not a company

2)I can afford handmade. People complain alot about the price of some handmade items. However they don't always understand that the scarf you are buying is original....they buyer didn't get a deal on 1000 of them nor did they get a discount on yarn....most often if you think about it handmade sellers make a marginal amount on the items they sell...yep some over charge but they soon fade into the background.

3) Your supporting a family. Perhaps you're providing some funds towards a family trip, a much needed car repair, or perhaps your making sure a family has lights and food....sound's not really! These days every bit counts... Speaking from personal experience I am Lucky my husband works also...but who knows that could end any day!  the income I make helps us have our medicine when we should have it (not every other day)  Every seller has their own reason....and the reasons are far better than supporting any cooperation who doesn't care at all who you are!

4) If you don't support a corporation they lose out....  Sounds to good to be true that one person can make a change but if one million did just imagine!!!!

5) Shop handmade because you can.....handmade is NEVER know what you will find....even things you never wanted to find! Get out there and EXPLORE, you'll find something you love.. I promise!

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  1. All great reasons.

    When people buy handmade they are helping me pay my heating bill!

    Help an artist and you are helping a small business and the community and economy as a whole!

  2. I agree 1000% !! handmade is from the heart and soul of the artist , you don't get that from a machine ! And customized work is even better they made it just for you so it's a one of a kind :)