Sunday, September 18, 2011

BIG NEWS...Really big big news!!!

Before I tell  you about our GIVEAWAY.... I want to introduce you to my new line product. As some of you may know.... We launched a bath and body line this week. It will be under the same name Me and the Boy.

So far we have released our line in groups. I find the market is flooded with product and it keeps soon as you find a scent you love it's gone. We aim to help. We will have individual groups of items ALL in the same scent. Some will be something we will ALWAYS have (our sensual relaxation or nag champra line)  Some will be limited (like our winter warmth)

Under each scent there will be options for bath stuff, body lotions and butters and also some soy candles and tart melts.

All you will have to do is search the scent name and all the items in that line will come up.

I thought about this line alot....ALOT!!!  There are a few things VERY important to me
  1. I will not be selling scents like monkey farts, or  bbw type anything. I want to use as natural scents as possible. As often as possible I intend to use essential oils in their basic form. I don't think there is ANYTHING wrong with having a million different scented candles in your shop,,,,I myself am kind of a big fan of sex on the beach scented wax melts) Having a ton of allergies I can't tolerate scents....certain scents trigger my asthma..I prefer recognizable smells....nothing that jumps out and bowls you over. I sometimes with I could enjoy everything the amazing industry has to offer.
  2. You will never find dye in anything I make. Besides just adding to cost, I don't understand it. Ok it's eye appealing, however there is no need for's added chemical,,and serves no real purpose. If something in our line has color it's likely powdered beet root or carrot's just how we roll.
  3. I am not trying to create an empire. I want to cover my costs and take care of my just like you! My mom has always told me.....if something costs more....chances are it's better and even if it's not people think it is. I think there is no industry that is worse than the bath and body industry and it's the customer that pays the price. Before opening my store I spent a few months trying all kinds of rubs, scrubs, salts EVERYTHING   I often found there was more care, enthusiasm in lower priced items.....the products often better also. My prices ARE lower than most of my fellow etsy-ers that do the same thing. Everyone uses different suppliers..that aside we all want to make a living.....I much prefer charge less and you not be afraid to use it....glop it on because you can afford to buy more. We need to start taking better care of ourselves inside and out.....without being made to feel guilty about it.
So am I making sense! I hope so.

my first item was was some candles and tarts....than bath salts as I couldn't find ANYTHING like what I wanted....(we have 2 kinds)  last week I launched our body butter (which is true body butter and we prove it in our pic)  and body lotion....coming soon is a tattoo brightener, a bath and shower scrub that is vegetable based, and who knows what else.

Our line will be as natural as possible always un chemically dyed, and a fair price.....

Which brings us to our giveaway!!!!! We will be posting it this week!

You know We turned ONE today on September 18th   what an awesome year..thanks so much to everyone.

We will be posting our giveaway MONDAY September 19th!!!! by 5pm Canadian time! It's AN AMAZING one!    check out all our new and good old stuff at

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