Friday, July 8, 2011


ahhhhh friday.....even though I don't get to go out like I used too friday is still great.


from closeoutgirl I got 50 assorted pieces of scrapbook paper and cardstock. she made some awesome choices...and thought to include many patterns. 3 amazing stamps and a great inkpad all for just over 10$ with shipping. I feel some new cards a coming!!

I was in dire need of ear posts for earrings so after some insane prices I found this great shop hungry panda supplies was quick to convo back and set up a custom order, and I got my item so fast I was shocked. Trust this store.

And the deal that has rivaled all deals.... I got this heartsy deal amongst the postal strike and just got my goods yesterday. we talked and joked back and forth about the state of the order....I joked and said if it all melts it's's still going to taste the same....OH MY GOODNESS...I am very lucky this seller does not live next door!!!!! I go lemon  chiffon daisies (cheesecake?)  and some smokes, peanut butter monkey back and chocolate covered oreos....the daisies are my's all superb... and it came all melty, After throwing it in the fridge I broke out the cookies and we had a very no good lunch of chocolate covered oreos and soy milk  mmmmmmmmm . I would without a doubt shop here again. none of the melty issues were the sellers fault as everything was thermo wrapped  more the length of the backlog due to the strike. 

YAY FRIDAY    paper chocolate and findings....I told ya friday rocks

It's so nice and warm here today. Yesterday me and the boy sat outside for 7 + hours and so far 6 hours today. how blessed I feel to have found this home for our family! How blessed that I have a husband who works hard so we can have this home...I work had too but well    they don't call us starving artists for no reason..... we hope you are having an awesome summer like us!  we have uploaded over 2 new  things lately so check us out.

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